Monday, April 26, 2010

I think I am crazy.

Hubby and I are considering a trip to visit MIL and family. ( Yes, with the baby.) MIL has planned to come down and canceled on us 4 times. She just canceled again this week. She has been saying she is coming to visit us since March. It is driving us both a little batty. We keep expecting her, and she cancels at the last minute. Thus, the trip out to see her. Hopefully that will stop the planning and canceling.

I am not happy with how she keeps making plans and then canceling. I know she has a lot of medical issues which prevent her from traveling, and she is dependent on someone else to drive her. But I really feel that if she was really committed to coming out here, she would just do it. They have buses and planes which come out here. We would even be willing to pay for a ticket for her. All she has to do is ask.

The trip across the state usually takes about 4 hours without a little one. With the baby, I am sure it will take longer. We are both nervous about making it, but hopefully it will be fine. Anyone have any advice on traveling with a 3 month old?


Anonymous said...

I believe I have not yet delurked... so hello and lots of congratulations to your little one!
I had to do several trips be myself with an infant and now also with two little children and what worked best was to leave about one hour before bedtime. I usually arrived with sleeping children that did not mind to be transferred to bed right away and just slept on. However, it is only a good idea if one does not mind driving in the dark...
Best wishes!

Megs said...

My mother and I just took a 5 hour trip with my little man this weekend. He slept the entire way. The only time he cried was when he decided he was hungry, which was about the same time we decided we needed to stop and re-energize ourselves. I tried to feed him right before we left, so that way, we could travel a good distance before we would need to stop and feed him again. :) Sorry I dont have much more advice...

Mrs.Joyner said...

I don't have any advice for driving w/an infant..We've only traveled w/a I did want to thank you a jillion tons for your sweet comments while I recuperated..You have no idea how much they mean to me!! <3 ya!!

Shazz said...

As soon as I saw cazy and MIL I thought yep....say no more lol.

In all honestly plan the trip around rough nap times and bub should be fine. You should only rally need to stop for feeding and that's it. That age is one of the easiest to travel with.



Queenie. . . said...

Does he like the car? Miss M does, and we've found longcar trips to be no big deal, as lopng as we stopped and fed and changed her every 3 hours or so. Good luck!

Lisa said...

I have travelled all over the world with my daughter from the age of 3 months. My husband ran an export company and was away 5 months every year, so we went with him. Not to mention that we are in England, his territory was the Caribbean and my family are in New Jersey. I got very good at it.

7 Tips:
1. use one of the soft black and white infant mobiles that attach to the car window by suction, or attach to the baby car seat. Even if travelling at night, the white bits will reflect the light from other cars.
2. Bring a 2nd set of pjs or clothes inside the seating area of the car, in case he decides to throw up. You don't want to be opening the trunk to find clothes on the highway.
3. Bring music for the car that you, your husband and baby all find soothing. Trust me, a few hundred miles to Wheels on the Bus can really grate on your nerves.
4. Plan your breaks around your baby's diaper changes, otherwise, you may find yourself having to stop 20 minutes later when the car begins to stink.
5. If your baby is not on solids yet, this is not the time to start. You won't know ahead of time what he can tolerate and how he may decide to expel it.
6. Don't stay in the back seat with him. He will focus on you, resist sleepiness and cry to get your attention. In the front seat, he will be lulled by the sound of your voice, just as he is when you put him to sleep at home.
7. Try to quell your own anxiety about the trip, which babies pick up on.

I hope that helps. I wonder what's up with your MIL... just out of curiosity, I suppose. You would think she would be dying to get her hands on her granchild. (Though that wasn't the case with my MIL. I just thought she was an aberration.)

Lisa (ICLW #65 yourgreatlife)

Hope in Virginia said...

We went home to roanoke for the first time a few weeks ago (from D.C.) What is usually a 3 hour 45 minute trip door to door was over 5 hours. But we just went into it knowing it would be longer and trying to not stress. I rode in the backseat with the baby, which was good cause I could try to soothe her when she got fussy and make sure she didn't spit up, etc. Good luck!!!

Dr. Edward Ramirez, MD, FACOG said...

Visiting from ICLW...great to see that you found a good RE that managed your PCOS & got you your first child! It is wonderful to see a positive blog with a positive ending to IVF...because there are many out there who still think it cannot work. I have a special place in my heart for PCO patients & have helped many get BFPs avoiding the OHSS that some get from other docs. Nice meeting you! ICLW #7