Friday, October 29, 2010

Another insomina post

2 AM, and I cannot sleep.  I think I have a good excuse, though.  Little Dude feel out of his crib and scared both the Hubby and I.  Little Dude was crying and fussing in his crib around 11 PM, and I was on my way in to get him when I heard a thump.  Baby then started crying again.  I found him in the middle of our nursery floor.  We checked him over, and all parts still move, and there appears to be no permanent damage.  He calmed right down after nursing, too.  I gave him some ibuprofen to help with pain, as he is teething.  Hubby also decided to lower the crib mattress, which seemed like a good idea.  The fall scared both of us.

Unfortunately, all this activity kept me and the baby up for about two hours.  I spent the past hour lying in bed, trying to go to sleep.  Why is it that when you desperately want sleep, it always seems to elude you?  It is really frustrating.  For the past few nights, I have been up with the baby for a couple hours in the middle of the night, trying to get him back to sleep.  It is really frustrating.  I have found I cannot let the baby cry.  It kills me to hear it, and he never seems to calm down.  He just gets more frustrated and ends up screaming.  Then I have to go in an calm him down anyway.  I am sick of being up in the middle of the night.  Hubby won't do it because he has to work the next day (as I do too!) and he is sick right now.  Also, the baby cries unless it is me comforting him in the middle of the night.  I do not know what to do.  I feel stuck.

Being awake in the middle of the night, I also start worrying about things.  I am worried about all the classwork I have to do.  I need to create a test by the end of the weekend, so I can be sure it gets printed in time.  I have to put together notes for the next chapter, and I have a bunch of grading to do next week.  It feels like I have no time to do all that.  It does not help that I am losing sleep by being up the middle of the night.  Sleep deprivation is not fun.  All I want is sleep. Is that so much to ask?

Monday, October 25, 2010

New week!

I feel like I am finally getting dug out after vacation.  I think I may be able to survive, and hopefully I will be able to stay on track.

 I had two doctor's appointments during my free mornings last week.  One for Little Dude's nine month well baby visit.  It went well, and Little Dude is healthy and happy.  He got the second part of his flu shot, so hopefully he will not get too sick this winter.  (Here is hoping, anyway.)  Little Dude is a big guy, too!  He weighed in at 21 pounds, 15 ounces.  He is almost 22 pounds.  I cannot believe how fast he is growing!  I also cannot believe he is 9 months.

The other doctor appointment was a plastic surgeon to see if he could treat my keloids.  This is the second doctor I have been to about my keloids, and neither one feel that comfortable treating them.  On one hand I sort of get it.  Keloids have a tendency to grow back if they are removed.  (And mine are big enough to need excision.)  I need a doctor who will not only excise them, but also deal with the healing phase, too.  And the healing phase is more important than the exicison.  I guess I will keep looking.  I suspect I may have to go to Richmond or Charlottesville to get any sort of keloid treatment.  Sigh.  I just want them gone.

 Not much else is going on.  I only have a couple more weeks at my old OR job before I start at the ambulatory surgery center.  Thank goodness for that. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

I need a vacation to recover from vacation.

I have to vent.  I think I just need to get this off my chest.

The last week was hard.  While it was fun being at the beach, and Alton loved it.  It was still hard.  My parents, my sister, Hubby, the baby, and I were all in the same house.  It only had three bedrooms, so Hubby and I had to share a room with the baby.  Which totally screwed up everyone's sleep.  We were up at 5 or 6 AM every morning because the baby would not go back to sleep if we were in the same room with him.  Hubby and I came back and do not feel as refreshed as we would have liked. Or refreshed at all.

My parents did not really work with the nap schedule very well.  They just moved at a different pace than we needed to, because of the baby's sleep schedule.  Hubby and I had no space away from the baby.  Hubby and I also had no space away from everyone else.  The trip there and back was really rough.  We got caught in traffic on the way back, and it took about 7 hours to get from Ocracoke to Gloucester.  It should have only taken about 4 hours.  It was not a fun trip.  And then the in-laws did not get a lot of time to visit with the baby because they did not get the nap schedule, either.

Why is it people do not get the importance of naps?

And then there was Hubby complaining about the lack of anything to do.  I did not get a lot of time at the beach between the baby, the hubby, and the family.  I went in the ocean only once, because that was the only opportunity.  I also had classwork to work on while I was there, so much of his nap time was spent working.  I had very little downtime. 

I think next year we will vacation on our own.  It may work out better for our little family.  If my parents want to participate in the vacation, they can get their own house.  We really need our own space, and we need more stuff than my parents do.  

Anyway, it is back to the grind.  At least the baby is sleeping fairly well now that we are home.  With the help of day care providers I think he is going to be back on his nap schedule by the end of the week.  At least that is something.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to life, back to reality.

Vacation was nice.  It was nice to get out of town, and the beach is always nice.  I did not get as much beach time as I would have liked, because the baby could not tolerate a long beach trip.  I am happy to report that he loved the beach!  He played in the surf and crawled on the sand.  Once he figured out the beach was about water, he was just fine.  He loved playing in the water and being out as far as we would let him.  When I get around to uploading pics, I will post a few.  He loved it.

It was different vacationing with the baby.  I would have loved to slow down and zone out some, but the baby needed stimulation and playtime when he was not napping.  We also had to share a room with the baby, which meant none of us got the sleep we would have liked.  I think we were up by 5 or 6 AM every morning.  Not fun.  But we survived.

It is good to be home.  Little Dude slept in his own room last night, and actually slept for about 12 hours.  It was bliss.  I did have to wake up twice to feed him, but he went right back to sleep.  Everyone does much better if baby has his own room.

I did get my classwork done this past week.  Thank goodness.  It makes me feel a lot better about heading back to teaching knowing I am prepared.  And I can start counting down the days until I start at the new job.  Things are good right now.  The only hitch is I need to get my car repaired.  Again.  On the way home from vacation, we noticed that my car was heating up.  It did not overheat, but it came close.  We kept having to refill the coolant, but we made it home.  Now I need to get it fixed.  I am dropping it off today, and hopefully they can get to it tomorrow.  I hope. I also hope it is an easy fix.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I think I am going to make it...

I am beginning to feel like I will actually get to take a vacation.  OR job has fixed my schedule, so that I am not working next week.  I have someone covering my classes, and she has my notes.  I still have to get my test printed, but I can do that online.  And I may put it in to get printed after I finish this blog post.

Baby slept for about 12 hours last night.  (Except for a midnight feeding.)  He went to bed really early, too.  He was asleep by 7 PM tonight, like he was last night.  It plays havoc with our evening as Hubby does not get home until 5:30, and we have to deal with our dogs, and then fix dinner.  The past couple of nights Little Dude has gone to bed about the time we sat down to dinner.  It has not been too bad, as Hubby and I enjoyed dinner at our own pace, without the baby needing attention.  I do not want to get too used to this, because it will change as soon as I am dependent on that schedule.  Sigh.

I have a friend coming over tomorrow to watch the baby while I go get a drug test and blood draw for the new job.  Hopefully it will not take too long, as I have a few other errands to run as well.  It sounds like the new job is the right place for me to be.  I love how it is all working out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So much to do so little time!

I realized today that I did not put my vacation on the OR work calendar, so they scheduled me to work next week.  When I will be out of town on vacation.  And I really need this vacation, dammit!  I will call in sick if I have to.  Hopefully they will be able to work something out to cover two eight hour day shifts.  Keeping fingers crossed.  (Class is covered, so I am not worried about that at all.)

I also want to do the occupational health stuff for my new job before I leave for vacation.  I hopefully will be able to get the blood draw on Wednesday, and do the other occupational health stuff on Friday.  I will do it all Friday, if I have to, but it may be better to spread it out.

I also wanted to do some class prep this week.  I need to start working on the next unit, which I think is genetics and/or molecular genetics.  That is usually pretty fun.  And hopefully easier for the students to understand than cell respiration and photosynthesis.  We will see.  I think I will be doing class prep over vacation, but I can deal with that.  Hopefully I can get a decent amount done. 

I still have to pack, and let the housekeeper know that we are leaving, so she can at least skip a week.  I now have to pack baby stuff and my stuff.  I think we are going to end up taking a lot of baby stuff.

Oh, and to make matters even more fun, AF arrived today.  This week just gets better and better....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A short rant.

A bit of a rant as I am waiting for baby to go to sleep, and because I need to get this out of my system.

I dread all the travel we have to do with the baby.  I have a very active 8.5 month old boy, who needs to move.  Putting him in a car for a long car trip is not going to make anyone happy.  Not to mention all the stuff we have to take along to keep him entertained and cared for.  And then there is his sleep once we get there.  It can be a fight to get him to sleep when we are at home.  On the road?  Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.  I see a whole lot of co-sleeping going on.  Or not.  He does seem to sleep better when he has his own space.  Making that happen?  Who knows.  And then there is teething, which is a whole other level of hell on top of that

I was hoping after we had the baby we would not have to travel as much.  We have a baby.  People should come and see us, dammit.  We are doing all the work caring for him.  The least people can do is get out here to see us so that we do not have to go to them all the damn time.  There are several family members who have not been out here since he was born.  There is an entire branch of the family who has not ever made it out here to see him.  It really sucks.  I resent having to travel to them because they cannot get it together enough to come out here to see us.  It is just too damn hard traveling with an active little one.  I do not want to do it more than I have to.  And it seems to me that this is just a really hard time to travel with a baby.  I do not want to do it.

Right now I see at least one trip per month in our future.  Our vacation is this month, as we are stopping to see Hubby's family on the way there and on the way back.  Next month is Thanksgiving and we are traveling to somewhere.  (Probably my grandmother in NoVa.)  In December Hubby wants to travel to his family again.  That is a lot of travel.  I just want to do the two trips in October and November, and not go anywhere in December.  People can come to us in December.  I am sick of traveling to them.

A moment of calm.

Right now I am sitting here with my glass of wine.  Enjoying the moment I have to myself.  The first half of my week is sort of crazy.  I have my lab day on Monday, then I work OR on Tuesday.  It is Wednesday before I have a chance to catch my breath.  So I enjoy the quiet moment while I have it.

This weekend was not too bad.  Friday night was a bad sleep night.  Teething pain was really bad that night.  Nothing seemed to work to soothe him.  I think I finally co-slept with him the last part of the night.  It was rough, and we were both up and down with Little Dude all night long.  The next day we realized he has both upper and lower eyeteeth coming in.  I also suspect that his upper incisors are going to make an appearance before long, too.  That is a lot of teeth all at once!  The teething is bad enough that he gets a low grade fever, which is usually helped by tyl.enol.  We seem to be alternating tylenol and ibuprofen.  Ibuprofen if he is hurting, tyl.enol if he feels warm.  So far it seems to be working.

The good thing about Saturday is that he spent time with two sets of grandparents.  My parents took him in the morning.  Hubby and I went out to breakfast, and then went back to bed, where we both napped.  Hubby's father took him in the afternoon, when we went back to bed for a while.  So at least we got plenty of opportunity to sleep.  We missed the Little Dude, though.  He was gone a lot, and he slept while he was home.  And he really needed the naps!

Saturday night was a good sleep night, but I co-slept most of the night.  I was too tired to try anything else.  I finally moved him to his crib around 3 AM, where he slept until a little after 7AM.  It was nice to sleep in a little.  I made apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast.  It was most yummy.  Everyone enjoyed the breakfast.  (Little Dude included!)

Sunday I actually managed to get my weekly grocery shopping and my class prep done.  I did not manage to work out, which I have been trying to do.  It is just not happening over the weekend.  I think I am going to have to find time elsewhere.  I think I can go by the gym on my way home on Mondays.  It is only for a half hour, and I will feel better if I work out one more time during the week.  My stress level is considerably lower if I work out.  So I am going to try it tomorrow, and see how it goes.

I am excited about my vacation.  I leave in less than a week!  I think I could use the vacation.  Unfortunately, I also have a good amount to do before I leave, and very little time to do it.  I hope it will all come together.  Here is hoping, anyway.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I actually got sleep last night.  I felt like a bit of a meanie, but I went from about 12:30 to now (6 AM) without going in and getting the baby.  Little Dude is actually still asleep, and I am not going to wake him.  He still woke up every couple of hours, but managed to get himself back to sleep with minimal fussing.  I do not think he fussed more than 5 minutes at a time.  By the time I was thinking I needed to go and get him, he was already back asleep. 

And I slept!  I feel so much better today.  It is amazing what sleep can do.  I think I forgot.  I think I will have to try it again tonight....