Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to life, back to reality.

Vacation was nice.  It was nice to get out of town, and the beach is always nice.  I did not get as much beach time as I would have liked, because the baby could not tolerate a long beach trip.  I am happy to report that he loved the beach!  He played in the surf and crawled on the sand.  Once he figured out the beach was about water, he was just fine.  He loved playing in the water and being out as far as we would let him.  When I get around to uploading pics, I will post a few.  He loved it.

It was different vacationing with the baby.  I would have loved to slow down and zone out some, but the baby needed stimulation and playtime when he was not napping.  We also had to share a room with the baby, which meant none of us got the sleep we would have liked.  I think we were up by 5 or 6 AM every morning.  Not fun.  But we survived.

It is good to be home.  Little Dude slept in his own room last night, and actually slept for about 12 hours.  It was bliss.  I did have to wake up twice to feed him, but he went right back to sleep.  Everyone does much better if baby has his own room.

I did get my classwork done this past week.  Thank goodness.  It makes me feel a lot better about heading back to teaching knowing I am prepared.  And I can start counting down the days until I start at the new job.  Things are good right now.  The only hitch is I need to get my car repaired.  Again.  On the way home from vacation, we noticed that my car was heating up.  It did not overheat, but it came close.  We kept having to refill the coolant, but we made it home.  Now I need to get it fixed.  I am dropping it off today, and hopefully they can get to it tomorrow.  I hope. I also hope it is an easy fix.

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~Jess said...

Glad you guys had a relaxing and enjoyable FAMILY vacation!

I hope your car doesn't cost too much to repair.