Friday, August 20, 2010

Nervousness has set in.

Classes start on Monday! I have both Lab and lecture to teach on Monday, and I am really nervous. I know some of this is normal, as I have been nervous before starting classes before. Once I get in the groove, and I know I can keep up with everything, I will probably feel better. But it will take a few weeks until I am there.

I am very excited to start classes. I am nervous about keeping up with lesson planning and testing in a timely fashion. I think I am really nervous because I do not know how the baby will impact things. He is an unknown in my situation. I know he will likely throw my time line off, so I am trying to be well ahead of where I need to be. Unfortunately, I only have a couple week's worth of lecture notes. I do have a draft of a test, but I still want to read it over and make sure I have included everything I wanted. It is a balance to include everything I want to, and not make it too long. There is so much I would love to include on a test, but my class is only 50 minutes long. I do not want to go over 75 questions. We will see what happens.

Baby is going to daycare the first couple of weeks I am teaching. I do not think he will mind so much, though he will not like having his schedule thrown off. He will adapt, but it will probably be rough for the first few weeks. The thing I hate is that my mother comes back from vacation in two weeks, and she will be watching him while I teach. Just when he gets used to one routine, we have to start another. It is really frustrating, but I guess that is life sometimes.

I have also been thinking about the opportunities I have in front of me. I am excited about getting into teaching again, and I think I will do well at it. At least I hope I do well at it. I may get the opportunity to teach other classes, which would be very exciting. But I also love being an OR nurse. I love it, and find it very rewarding. I do not really want to give it up to teach. I think I want to find a way to do both. I am still thinking about this, and it may not be an issue. But it could be. It is definitely fun thinking about the possibilities, at any rate.