Friday, August 27, 2010

First week of class.

It has been a hectic week as I adjust to teaching and working. And then there is the issue of trying to find time for class prep and grading. I am working on it. And then things will change when my parents come back from vacation. Sigh. There are times when I cannot win for trying.For example, last weekend my period decided to come back. Apparently the first period after pregnancy is really crazy. And mine certainly was. The first few days were really heavy. Thank goodness for Dep.ends! That is what got me through my nights without it looking like a massacre! Unfortunately, the first day it decided to come back was the one day a week Hubby was letting me sleep in. So much for that. I had to get up and clean myself up. I think it is finally tapering off, so hopefully I will be able to sleep in this weekend. Hopefully.

The class is a good class. The students are all young. In other words, not far out of high school. They are nice kids, and a few of them actually seem interested in learning the info. Of course some of that may be kissing up, but that could be my cynicism at work. Sad that I think they are kids, but I am over a decade older than them and it makes me feel old.

I will leave this random-ish post with a few baby pics, because babies are always cute!


Hope in Virginia said...

What a cute little tike!

I'm dreading that first period. Have you been breastfeeding up until this point?

We are coming into town (Roanoke/Salem) in 2 weeks to start house hunting! Yay! We are focusing around the Main Street part of Salem and Raleigh Court in Roanoke.

VA Blondie said...

Yeah, the first period can be a doozy!
I am still breastfeeding, though we have introduced solids.

Hooray for the house hunting! Those are great areas of Roanoke to look. We live in North Roanoke, and found it to be really nice, and pretty affordable. The location was also good for us. Just a thought for another area to look.

I have a fantastic daycare provider if you need one. She is off of Cove Rd not too far from Lakeside shopping center. If that works for you. Let me know, and send me an email if you want her contact info!

~Jess said...

It sounds like you have are beyond busy! Too funny about the "kids"...I think the same thing.

He's so cute just cruising around on his car!