Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Space!

I suspect we have the beginnings of separation anxiety. (If not full out separation anxiety.) Little Dude looks for things when he drops them, fusses when I leave the room. He is starting to follow me around the house, and he always likes to be able to see me. He will not nap unless I am with him, and wakes up when I move. I have only gotten two half hour naps with him this morning, and I had to lay down with him the whole time in order to get him to sleep that much. Last couple of nights, we would not sleep anywhere other than with me.

It is driving me a little batty.

I did manage to get to the gym this morning, though. So at least I did something for me. But I really wanted to get work done this morning, too. He is currently playing in his crib because I just needed some time to work on the computer. I apparently have no space any more.

Co-sleeping is working again, but Hubby has found that he cannot sleep with us when we co-sleep. Which amounts to Hubby sleeping on the couch. (We do have a bed in another room made up, and I am not sure why Hubby does not sleep there. I am not responsible for where he sleeps.) I miss sleeping with Hubby, and really wish Little Dude would sleep on his own so that we can have our bed back! But I suspect with separation anxiety I will be co-sleeping a while longer.

Sigh. I just feel like I cannot win.


Jamie said...

Ah, yes. It will continue to drive you batty!

It was a little flattering at first, but that has completely worn off.

Queenie. . . said...

Right there with you on the co-sleeping!

Rose's Daughter said...

we are in full seperation anxiety over here though. But mostly during the day, at night, he could care less for some reason.