Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still here, just busy!

This week flew by!  I am really grateful for the three day weekend.  I am looking forward to a day off, though I will probably spend part of it doing class prep or grading.  That seems to be how I spend much of my free time lately.  It should not be so bad next year, but it is really time consuming this year. 

The good news is that my parents are back in town, so we have someone to watch him on a regular basis.  Hubby and I are looking forward to some quality time together this weekend.  It has been quite a while!

Little Dude is still going strong.  Really cruising now, though.  He can make it all the way around our coffee table and along the couch while cruising.  He does not have the balance yet to let go, but he is getting there, and I know he is thinking about it.  We should be hitting the next wonder week in the next few days, so it all is likely to go to hell in a hand basket soon!  Everything seems to be a moving target that first year.  It is enough to make your head spin.

Hubby and I have re-evaluated our sleeping arrangements.  He has been sleeping in a separate bed because I have been co-sleeping with the baby.  That seems to be the only way Little Dude will sleep some nights.  But lately both of us have been grumpy and short with each other.  It became clear that part of the reason we were not getting along is that we missed each other!  I know I have missed the connection we get while sleeping together.  So we finally got back together last night!  Much better!  I think everyone is happier because we have some sense of connection back.  I do not think Hubby will sleep with me every night, but some nights together are better than no nights together.  We also try to spend some time together after the baby is asleep.  I missed just being with Hubby.  That is harder to do when baby is sucking all your time and energy.

There have been several posts recently about perfection and motherhood.  Some of these hit home as I have some high expectations of myself which I am not able to meet.  I need to chill out and let things be.  Not force things, and try to do without doing.  I seem to be doing all right as a mother.  Little Dude seems happy and healthy.  Hubby seems to think I am doing all right as a wife.  I need to remember that we all have bad days, and there will be times when I let people down.  It happens to all of us.  It will be all right.  No one has died.  No one is hurt, aside from my pride.  Someone tell me to take a chilly pill and let it go!  Life goes on...

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!

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