Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ah, the life of a mother.

Yet another night where I am up in the middle of the night.  And today was really, really busy!  Or I guess I should say yesterday was busy, as it is now 1 AM

I took Little Dude to the doc in the morning.  He was awake last night, too.  We suspected ear infection.  We have seen it enough to know, I guess.  Sure enough, he had an ear infection in both ears.  Unfortunately, the antibiotic takes a couple days to make everything feel better, and that is why I am up again tonight.  Damn it.

After I took the baby to the doctor, I dropped the dog at the vet for some blood work.  Then I headed to my parent's apartment for lunch.  I left the baby with my mom while I taught and then ran errands,  I went by the vet to pick up the dog, the bank, and the pharmacy to pick up Little Dude's medicine.

Are you tired, yet?  Cause I am not done...

Once home, I cleaned the kitchen, and managed to pump for a few minutes before Mom brought the Little Dude to me.  I then prepared lunches for Hubby and I for Thursday, and collected all my pump stuff so it would be ready to go.  I also gave Little Dude a snack and gave him the first dose of the antibiotic.

I think the highlight of the whole day was a phone call.  I got an interview for a part time position at an outpatient surgery center.  I am excited about the possibility, though unsure how it will work out.  All I can do is just see what happens.  If it is meant to be, it will work out.  If not, I am not out anything as I have a job.

But right now I am exhausted, and really just want baby to go ahead and go to sleep!  So I can sleep!

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