Monday, September 13, 2010


Motherhood seems to be about managing to make it.  I feel bad because I have not done anything really profound or introspective on here in a while, but that may be because I do not have any deep thoughts lately.  Lately things have been more about just making things work.  It has been that way for a while.  Just when you think you have something down, something else changes, and the whole balance if your life is disrupted.  Now that I have started classes, and things seem to be settling into a routine, my childcare arrangement changes, then baby and I get a cold.  It does not even have to be anything big.  I have learned that just missing a night of sleep has a profound effect on everything. 

And then there is the issue of time.  I may not be in a place where I want to be very introspective right now.  Right now my baby is changing so fast, I may miss it if look away.  I want to spend time with my Little Dude.  I love how he changes, and watching his abilities and personality develop.  I do sort of miss my quiet meditative times, but I have faith that they will return when it is time.  For me writing takes time and a little effort, and I just do not have a lot of that to spare right now.

"Do without doing" is all about not forcing things, and letting things happen as they will.  It is about living in the moment, and enjoying today.  Enjoying watching my baby move furniture around my deck, or watching Hubby and Little Dude play together.  And I think that is just right for today.

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