Friday, September 17, 2010

Drive by blogging.

Because of all the bullets...

  • I am exhausted.  It has been a busy week.  The first time I have gotten to catch my breath was today while the baby slept at my parents apartment.  And because of my crappy nap skills, I could not sleep.  But at least I could lie down for a while.  Which helped, sort of.
  • I am hoping this weekend I can at least catch up on rest a little bit.  I also hope to catch up on some class prep, which I was unable to do at all this week.
  • Also did not get to the gym this week.  My free time was spent being sick and taking sick child to the doctor.  Unfortunately, I am still sick, and it feels like it has moved in for good.  I am so sick of being sick.
  • Little Dude gets baptized this weekend.  Issues I have with this are
    • the two people we really wanted to have at the baptism will not be able to make it.  My grandmother cannot get down here because my aunt and her husband are not able to make it.  My MIL is unable to travel, and will also not be able it make it.
    • The fact that MIL says she cannot make it annoys me because I see her on FB posting about what she is doing.  She still goes shopping and riding around her area, so I do not see why she cannot get here.  But I guess it is her choice, and she has to live with it.  I really feel like if she really wanted to be here, she would get here, no matter what.
    • I still have nothing to wear for the baptism ceremony.  Which means I have to go shopping.  And that is not as much fun when you are sick.
  • After the baptism, I think we are going to the Greek festival for lunch.  Yum!
  • Finally got paid today.  Hooray!
  • Really hoping for a slowish morning tomorrow, and decent sleep tonight.  We will see what happens.  I could really use both.
  • Very excited about my interview with the ambulatory surgery center next week.  Maybe I should buy something which I can also wear to the interview.
  • Parents are going to C'ville tomorrow, and are unable to watch Little Dude for us for a decent afternoon together.  Sigh.  I was sort of hoping for that this weekend.  Hopefully next weekend.
  • I think that is all I have time and brain power for right now.  Hopefully our pizza will be here soon and we can have dinner!

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