Friday, September 10, 2010

I survived the week...Bullet edition

  • I did manage to survive the week.  Teaching was not bad, but OR was tough this week.  New surgeons, crappy cases, sick patients, and very little of it within my actual chosen specialty.  It just gets rough on a person when you wonder what good you are doing, and management makes it difficult to do your job in the first place.
  • I suspect I am getting another cold.  I think between the baby and the hospital, my immune system is going to be kick-ass after this year.  
  • I really hope this current cold does not give Little Dude another ear infection.
  • My mother is doing great looking after Little Dude when I am teaching.  I think it is all going to work out.  Bonus:  I can go over there early, and she can entertain him while I do planning.  Another bonus:  It will hopefully help keep my milk supply up because she encourages us to breastfeed, and will hold off on giving bottles.  
  • Finally saw a dermatologist about my keloids, and hopefully we will have a plan of care within the next few weeks.
  • I cooked a Guinness, beef, and cheese pot pie this week.  I have not seen Hubby that excited in quite a while.  He even took a picture of it because he thought it was so great.  When I get a chance to catch my breath (or next time I upload pictures) I will try to post it.  It did look beautiful, and even tasted good!  it was a recipe shown on a Jamie Ol.iver cooking show.  It looked too good not to try.
  • I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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~Jess said...

We're in the same boat with colds here too: They suck!

I'm laughing at how excited your Husband was about dinner lol

Have a good weekend.