Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cute baby pics.

Who does not like a few cute baby pictures?  They are hard to resist, right?

We have started letting him outside to crawl around.  He actually likes to climb the steps.  

We discovered Little Dude loves being outside.  The weather has been great, so we have been taking him outside on a regular basis.  Hubby likes taking him in the front yard, as seen above.  (Though that is actually me in the background.)  I prefer sitting with Little Dude on the deck, where he likes to push the furniture around.

I like the deck because it is enclosed, and he can crawl pretty much anywhere he wants without me worrying about him.  Works for me.

Little Dude has been a busy boy lately, as we are starting to learn to walk. 
We are standing on mommy, trying to climb the steps, and pushing things around.

This is a relatively new skill, and he just loves it!  He is able to stand up behind the car all by himself!  Though he needs a "running" start.  He will start pushing it with his knees, and eventually make it up on his feet.  It is really cute to watch.

He is also not one to let an ear infection or cold slow him down.  He has decided he really enjoys spending time in the bathroom.  He likes standing on the toilet, standing on the vanity, standing on the tub, and basically playing with anything he can get his hands on.  Like this....

I just figure it could not hurt, as it dissolves really easily anyway.  I think of it like extra fiber.  And fiber is good for him, right?

And then there is a request from my husband.  I made this Beef and guinn.ess and cheese pie last week, and Hubby was so excited about it he took a picture of it.  I have to admit it looked and tasted good.
I used this recipe, which I first saw on a Jamie Oliver cooking show.  It was too good not to try, I thought.  I liked it because it used store bought puff pastry.  I did some things differently from the recipe.  I used a slow cooker to cook the stew, but I used more liquid than I needed to.  Next time I fix this, I think I am just going to put the guinn.ess in the slow cooker and leave off the beef broth.  My pie turned out a little soupy.  But it did taste good!

And yes, it tasted about as good as it looked!


andrea said...

he is getting so big!

kate said...

Aww, cute baby!! Such a sweet face!

I saw the episode with the Guinness stew/pie thing on it and thought it sounded good-- glad to know that the recipe is worth a shot! Yum! It turned out beautifully!

Mrs.Joyner said...

How cute is your son!? Esp. the TP picture. A little extra fiber never hurt anyone =)