Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Just so tired tonight.  I had a long day at school yesterday, with both lab and lecture. Then I worked at my other job today.  I have a hunch this will be a long rambling post...

They let me scrub today.  It was great, but I forgot how exhausting it is.  They had me scrubbing eyes.  They seemed pretty excited to have someone who was interested in learning how to scrub eyes, and they are actually following through on teaching me how to do it.  It is nice to learn something new, and I hope I get the hang of it soon.  I know I am no where near being independent at it, but I have only had one day.  I will get it, with time.  Gotta start somewhere.

We are traveling to my grandmother's tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  I hope if we leave late afternoon or early evening, we will get there with minimal issues from the baby.  It does not make it any easier that he is sick.  Just a cold, but it still makes him feel run down.  Probably not fun to travel with unless he is asleep.  I hope it goes well.

The search for babysitters is going well.  Two sitters are coming over next weekend to meet the baby and our dogs.  We feel more comfortable having sitters meet our dogs before leaving them alone in the house with two very large dogs.  It just seemed like a good idea.  I think I have figured out a way to restrict the dogs to the downstairs.  I think Gertrude would be better off if she does not have a lot of interaction with the sitter.  Oscar would probably get along with everyone, but I think he is sort of protective of the baby.  That could be a problem.  He is also pretty bark-y.  That could wake the baby.  Hopefully by restricting him to the downstairs, his barking will not wake the baby.  We are going to try out the new system with someone we know is comfortable with our dogs.  Hopefully it will work.  Keeping fingers crossed.

With my mother, I have had to adjust my expectations of her.  That is difficult for me.  When the baby was first born, she said she wanted to babysit as often as she could.  That has not been the reality.  Hubby and I want a certain amount time together, and she is not able to give us that.  We have to adjust our thinking, and adjust how we do things.  We actually should have found babysitters long ago, but we kept putting it off because my mother seemed willing to take the baby for a while on the weekend.  Overall, I think it will work out for the best. We will be able to do things on our schedule, and the baby's schedule.  We will have more flexibility in what we can do. We can do things a little later in the evening.  We could go see a movie.  We could rent a hotel room for a couple hours.  I think we are about ready for more variety in our dating life.

I am still speaking to my mother, in case you were wondering.  She watches him during the week, and I see her fairly regularly.  She is also more in touch with the rest of the family, and it is good to talk with her about some things.  She does love the baby, but she is less able to keep up with him now that he is really moving.  So things are fine with my mother.  We just do not always communicate with each other very well.  I am very right brained and analytical. She is very, very left brained.  Words can mean different things to each of us.  It can be a bit of an issue.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.  (If you are here in the US.)  If you are not in the US, I hope the rest of your week goes well.


Rose's Daughter said...

The only thing I really ever liked to scrub was a hysterectomy or a myomectomy. I'm just strange like that. I'm sorry about your Mom not meeting your expectations. But everything happens for a reason!!! Happy Thankssgiving!

Jamie said...

That does sound like a very long day!

I am glad to hear your search for a sitter is going well. That has to be a huge weight off your shoulders.