Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Night Musings.

We are having a date night at home tonight, and Hubby is off getting provisions. BWW and alcohol.  One advantage to date night at home is that everyone can get a little tipsy, and no one needs to worry about driving home.  Just sayin'.

I think I may have one of the most active children in my mother's group.  My guy was the first to take off running, and he ran off twice as much as any of the other children.  One mother of another active boy told me that she thought her child was bad, and then she saw my child.  Sigh.  I guess that is the cross I have to bear.  Maybe the next child will not be as active?  We can only hope?

The baby wearing play group was a success!  Everyone wants to do it again next month.  I am pretty excited.  I think it went really well.  The mothers who tried carriers really liked them.  Hopefully I converted a couple of people.

I am also excited about training for a 5K.  There is interest in my mother's group to train for it, and I am going to do it.  I was already running, anyway.  This will just keep me motivated and on track.  Hopefully.

We meant to take Little Guy to the zoo today, but Hubby made a wrong turn.  Instead, we took Little Guy on a walk on a trail  I learned about recently.  (Um, from my mother's group, incidentally.  I sense a trend...)  It is a really nice trail, and we think that we need to go there with the dogs sometime.  Now that we have the minivan, we have room to take the baby and the Great Danes.  I think we are both pretty excited about it.

Surprisingly, both Hubby and I enjoy driving the minivan.  The sienna is really fun to drive.  It feels big, but it does not feel like you are diving a van or a truck.  All of us really like it.

I finally figured out how to download library books to my nook.  Thank goodness!  That will help me not spend as much for books for my nook.  I am on my third book from the library.  All free, and I did not have to go to the library to check them out.  Love it!

Off to put my feet up on the couch and enjoy a night in with the Hubby!


andrea said...

minivan love? New vehicle buying time is coming closer, I would love to hear your full review of why you like it!

horray for 5k training - you are awesome!

hope date night is fab

~Jess said...

Sounds like your Mom's group is picking up speed, in a good way.

Enjoy your date night :-)