Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Touchy Feely Tuesday.

  • I finally manged to run a 1/2 mile.  It was probably one of the slowest 1/2 miles ever, but I did it!  I actually ran three 1/2 mile stretches today during my work out.  Gives me hope that I can actually do a 5K by Thanksgiving.  Especially with training.
  • Grocery shopping was a mess today.  My mother had a hair appointment this morning, but she still wanted to watch Little Guy while I shopped.  So the store was crazy by the time I go there.  It was senior discount day, so the older set was out in force.  I managed it, but I forgot a few things, so I still have to go back and get the things I forgot.  At least I got most of it.
  • I know there was other stuff I wanted to talk about, but that is all I can remember. 


Searching for Serenity said...

You can definitely do it by Thanksgiving! Have I mentioned the Couch to 5k program to you? I did it a year ago and ran my first 5k last September. N.e.v.e.r thought I could say I did it.

I inevitably forget something at the grocery store and have to go back a day or two later. I hate that,

Searching for Serenity said...
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