Friday, March 6, 2009

Excitement! Sort of.

I got a message from my pharmacy today. Apparently, they want to arrange for delivery of my medications. That was fast! I guess I need to contact FIL.

Now I just have to call them back and figure out when I can be home. That is a challenge. Maybe I could enlist Hubby's help. He says he wants to take a couple days off next week. That could work. If we can get it paid for in a timely fashion.


Jo said...

You might also check if your pharmacy will deliver to your work. I had to have my meds delivered to the school I teach at -- anyone can sign for them, but someone HAS to sign. I told the front office I was expecting a package and to buzz me when it arrived. They did, I got it, and put it in my mini-fridge until the end of the day. It solved the problem of taking a day off from work to wait on a package!

VA Blondie said...

Jo, thanks for the suggestion. The problem is that I work at a large hospital. It is really difficult to coordinate a delivery to my place of work. Though I could coordinate it with Hubby's place of work, but I want to talk to him about it before I do that.
Thanks for the thought!