Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am frustrated because I am stuck at home watching the dogs while we have some work done on our house. This would not be so bad if I was not working tonight. I actually have some errands I need to get done today before I go to work this afternoon, and Hubby left to do some work stuff at his office. I am leaving for my errands as soon as he gets back, if not before.

The work on the house is going to take forever. The guys we have doing the work are in their 60s, I think. They are really slow. All they are doing is replacing a door, but I know it will take a good part of the day. They will probably still be working when I leave for work. Hopefully they will take a nice long lunch, or run and get something, so I can at least leave to try get my stuff done.

I also had a really crappy day at work yesterday. All 12 hours of it. Stuck in podiatry hell with a pompous and/or incompetent team. At least the surgeon was nice, but that is small comfort when the rest of team makes your life hell. I was ready to kill myself by the time I left. I was so tired by the time I left, my eyes were crossing. Thank goodness for wine! I had a couple of glasses of Pinot Evil, and then went to bed.

Hopefully, today will be better, but I am not so sure. At least from the way it is starting.

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Katie said...

Thinking about you today. I nominated you for a little award over on my blog :)