Thursday, March 5, 2009

OMG, It is really going to happen!

I cannot believe how quickly we are able to do IVF. I really thought that I would have to wait for something. But no! We suppress this month, and start hormones next month. I cannot believe it. I guess it pays to go back to a physician who already knows you.

I made an appointment for my pap, and both of us need to get our bloodwork done, but that is about all that needs to be done before we start. I actually do have questions about who will order meds, (the Wizard or the Apprentice)? My FIL said he would pay for it, but I am not sure how it will work. I may need to call the Wizard's office and ask some questions. Fortunately, these are things that the secretary should be able to answer. I can provide FIL with estimates from the office, and info on shared risk vs one cycle. But I am not sure how he wants handle things. Hopefully Hubby will give him what info we have, and we can go from there.

I moved my vacation back to April 19-25. That is the week of retrieval and transfer, and it seems like a good idea to be off that entire week. It is right after my birthday. I am sort of hoping for a wonderful birthday present, but we will see. It may not take the first time, and we may have to do it again in the fall. Though with around a 60% chance of success, I think I can actually hope for success this time. (That is 4x the chance of success as an IUI.)

I am nervous about it, but I think that being nervous is normal. Especially since IVF is a new experience for me. The Wizard said that I would likely be at a low level of OHSS during stimulation. I have already experienced this, sort of. I think it will be worse with the IVF, though. Egg production for IVF is higher than for an IUI. I have faith in him, though. He has been doing this a long time, and he knows what he is talking about.


Katie said...

So I might have got a few happy tears in my eyes reading this. I'm so happy for you that you get to start so soon. Hopefully we will can be pregnant together!

annacyclopedia said...

Yay!I'm so glad for you!