Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whew! I did it!

I managed to make it through the day at work. It was a lot easier on me having Hubby drop off the Little Dude this morning. I was nervous leaving the baby, but he did fine. The Little Dude cried some after I left, but then settled back down. He cried all morning at the day care. But then he took a nap. The providers said that he was much better after a nap. After his nap, he smiled and laughed with everyone. When I went to pick him up, he was not crying. He did not even seem upset, and was taking a bottle. The Little Dude seemed fairly content. I think he was happy to see me, though. He then fell asleep in the car on the way home a slept for the next two hours. I think he wore himself out today. He is also sleeping well tonight.

For me, my first day back at work went well. Apparently, I was missed. The few cheers I got when I walked into in=service this morning were a little embarrassing, but sort of neat. And then I could not go anywhere without someone telling me how glad they were that I was back. I also got the dirt on what has been going on since I have been gone. Things are really bad. I am not all that surprised. I was surprised by how many nurses are leaving. A couple left while I was out on leave, and about five more are leaving soon. We also have four docs leaving. I really think that says something about the management of the OR. Something has to change, but I doubt it will change soon. It is really sad to see so many good people leaving because of idiotic management. I hope with all of these people leaving, it sends a message to someone. Something needs to be done.

It was nice to have time away from the baby. I actually felt sort of refreshed after I got home today. I had the energy to pick up a little in the living room, dining room, and guest bedroom. I also washed my pump stuff, and finished loading the dishwasher, and actually started it. It felt really good to get stuff done around the house.

I hope that by working flex, I get away from some of the awful management at work. I know I cannot escape it all. At least my team leader was excited to see me back. Maybe that means I will get to be in gyno surgeries more often. We can only hope...

Now I have a day off tomorrow before a half day of computer training on Friday. I plan on trying to get to the gym tomorrow, have lunch with my parents, and spend lots of time with my Little Dude. A good day!


Mrs.Joyner said...

It's sounds like you both were busy..I can't believe your maternity leave is already over..and Im glad you had some "me" time, even if it was at work..Hopefully, you dont have the deal w/the management jackass-ery.

Queenie. . . said...

So glad it went well for you.

I definitely found that getting back to work recharged me in a way I hadn't been anticipating.

Rose's Daughter said...

Glad you had a good day back!

Jamie said...

Congrats! I am so glad it was a successful first day back.

I remember all of the well wishes and 'glad you're back's on my first day. It made it so much nicer!!