Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fingers crossed.

Really hoping that baby sleeps tonight. He slept last night, and took a couple decent naps today, so hopefully he will sleep tonight.

The first couple nights in the crib were rough. We were up every couple of hours. It really sucked. But last night was great. I woke up around 2 AM for a feeding, and then went back to bed until about 7 AM. I got sleep, baby got sleep, and everyone was happy.

Really hoping that repeats tonight, but not expecting to get that lucky. We shall see.

We are now dealing with a baby who loves to move. Our boy has started standing and cruising when ever he can. Neither Hubby nor I were not expecting to see all of that appear at the same time. We had to lower our crib mattress because we were afraid he would topple out of the crib. We also had to move the crib away from the window because he likes to play with the blinds. I also moved a chair in there so that I would not have to leave the nursery to nurse the baby at night. It works great for naps, too. I think all that moving is wearing him out.

We are also playing around with solids. I am sort of doing baby led weaning. Basically giving the baby finger foods, and letting the baby feed himself. The amazing part is that he actually eats some of what is put in front of him. He loves watermelon, banana, peaches, my made from scratch biscuits, my made from scatch blueberry muffins. He also enjoys a good teething biscuit and likes to suck on the bones from barbecue ribs. I made a puree from peaches, banana and plain greek yogurt and added some rice cereal to that. A lot of people swear by rice cereal to help baby sleep, so I thought I would try it. He will eat it, but I do not think the rice cereal makes a whole lot of difference in his sleep. It is just another way to get food into him.

Other than that, things seem to be going well. I am trying to get lectures together for my class which starts in the fall. The more I can get done now, the better. It is also good to try to figure out how to work at home with the baby. Better to do it now while I have some time than be under the gun during the semester. I am also switching the days I work in the OR starting next block. It seems to be coming together. I think. I hope.

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Hope in Virginia said...

I would love some of your made from scratch biscuits, too, please :)