Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I think the time has come.

I think I have reached the point where we cannot use the bassinet anymore. He has started pulling up on the sides of the bassinet and trying to stand up. He does that in the crib, too, but the crib has higher sides. So far, he is doing fine in the crib, but this is the first night. We will see if it helps him sleep any better. It means I have to get out of bed to nurse him, but if I only have to get out of bed once, I think I will be fine. We will see how it all plays out.

I cannot believe he is 6 months already! He is really crawling, and this boy can move! He will be across the floor before you know it. He can sit up on his own, and is interested in everything. He has one tooth, and I expect more to come in before long. Though he is so cute with just the one tooth. It is wonderful that he is happy and sociable. I would not say that he is an easy baby, but he is a happy baby. And that is a gift.

I have to rave over our day care provider. I love her! She has been very supportive of me as a mother. We have started introducing solids, and I decided to do baby led weaning. She was so excited that I was planning on doing that. And she supports it! He got peaches the other day, and I think she is planning on watermelon later. If you are thinking of introducing solid foods, I highly recommend baby led weaning. No need to pureed foods, and the kids do not end up as picky eaters. Right now he is willing to try anything I put in front of him. And no need for baby food! Just give him what is on your plate. I love it. He feeds himself, so I do not have to spend time feeding him. And he eats! It is always surprising when I realize there is less food at the end.

And I discovered a great parenting site Ask Moxie is an awesome parenting blog. Highly recommend. Lots of great info on child development, and help with parenting issues.

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