Wednesday, July 28, 2010


On sleep training, at least at night. Co-sleeping sort of works for us. He starts out in the crib for a couple of hours, and then ends up in bed with us by midnight. Everyone gets sleep! Most of the time we can get about 5-7 hours at a stretch. And if baby wakes, I do not have to wake up completely. I have a toddler rail on my side of the bed to prevent baby from rolling off the edge of the bed. I guess it would help if I actually use it.

Naps are better once I realized that I could lay down with him, and then slip away while he is asleep. I stay in the room and work quietly while he is sleeping, so I can catch him before he rolls off the bed. It works best if we get out of the house or have some activity in the morning. I usually go to the gym, but I think letting him crawl on the floor works, too. Going to the gym has an added benefit of being a stress reliever. Hopefully this strategy will continue working. Keeping fingers crossed.

I am learning to take advantage of any time I have. Today I got off early from work. I did some housework before going to pick up Little Dude a little early. When I got there, he was not quite ready for anything. He had just woken up from a nap, and they had a bottle ready to give him. After talking with the caregiver, I decided to come back later. To kill time, I went and got a pedicure! Hooray! I have been meaning to get one done, but never could bring myself to leave the baby and do it. I love the fact that it just worked out. Now my feet feel pampered, and my brows are trimmed. It feels great! Now if only I can remember to do it on a regular basis.


Hope in Virginia said...

Yay for mommy pampering time! Very important. Hope you figure out the sleep situation that works best for you. Sounds like you have something down at night that seems to work. I've found just when I think I have things figured out, baby switches it up on me!

~Jess said...

Yay! For some you time :-)
I like those kinds of surprises. I'm with you on sleeping....I just don't know what to do...and am afraid that whatever I do is going to screw her up for life lol

Rose's Daughter said...

This sounds like me today. I took the baby to daycare even though i didn't have to work. I got a peidicure AND my brows waxed! I get Pookah to nap the same way you do. I just lay there with him until he falls asleep. For some reason, he is fine at night by himself, but not during the day! It's ok though! I live with it!

Jamie said...

Yay for pedicures! It is hard to really take advantage of those spare minutes throughout the day. It seems so much like my time gets wasted on who knows what.

I hope the sleep training gets better and better. Everything seems so much harder when you're running full steam on no sleep.

Good for you on the transition to solid foods. I've got a baby on my hands that only wants pureed foods right now and I'm about to tear my hair out over it.