Tuesday, December 21, 2010

final is done!

Final is done and graded, and final grades are recorded.  I was not up too late with that last night.  Actually, it was the baby which kept us awake all night.  He woke up at 10:30, 12:30, and 1:30.  I think.  By 1:30 I was a little hazy on the specific times, but I think that is close enough.  I BF at 10:30, gave ibuprofen and BF at 12:30, and then gave up.  Mommy does not do playtime in the middle of the night, and I was fairly sure I was out of breast milk.  I was willing to let him cry because I am fairly sure that he wanted to play and I was not willing to let him.  He probably would have gotten to sleep eventually.  But Hubby got up at 1:30 and gave him a bottle and let him play a bit before putting him down.

Now I have to work today, so I am up at 5 AM trying to get ready for work.  Hubby is sleeping in a little.  I think he has to wake up soon to fix me coffee and shower before I leave.  I think I am going to need coffee today!

We did take our dog to Virginia Tech.  This is the second dog we have taken there, and I have been very impressed with the care they give our pets.  They told us that Gertrude's incontinence is likely caused by glomerulo.nephritis, which is the result of an inflammatory process.  The inflammatory process is likely caused by a mass resulting from reproductive tissue.  The mass has a low rate of metastasis, and has not obviously metastasized yet, so she should get better if it is taken out.  I think we are also going to start her on an ACE inhibitor to help her retain protein.  She is spilling a lot of protein in her urine, which is results in low blood protein levels.  Hopefully the new medication will help the incontinence.  She goes in January 3 for the surgery consult at Tech, and surgery will likely be January 4.  Basically, I think this is the spay she never got.  I really hope it helps her feel better.

If I cold get some rest, I would feel more in the Christmas spirit.  Right now it feels like just going through the motions.  Hopefully I will get more in the spirit over the next day or two.  Hubby should be up soon to make coffee.  I am going to need it today!

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