Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a few minutes before the baby wakes...

I did eventually get sleep that night.  I think Little Dude was just hungry, and my milk is drying up.  His teeth may have also been bothering him, as he has molars coming in.  Once Hubby gave him a bottle of formula, baby went right to sleep.  I am tempted to do a post on breastfeeding, and I may try to do that once things settle down from school.

Gertrude has an appointment at the vet school next Monday.  I hope it goes well, and she can be easily treated.  We are learning to deal better with the incontinence.  We let her out a lot, and we have pads everywhere.  Hopefully the vet school will have some answers.

Last week of class is this week, and I have everything done except the grading.  Well, technically, I have to give a practical today.  But I have already thought of what I want to ask and how I want to do it.   Hopefully all the stuff will be there and I will not have to make too many changes.  We will see.

Cycles have been very short.  At least short for me.  The past couple have been about 21 days.  It feels very bizarre.  Not normal for me.  I am more used to the 30-35 day cycles I had prior to pregnancy.  Not sure how I feel about it yet.

Search for babysitters is moderately successful.  The pastor's daughter we talked to this weekend was very sweet, and I think she will do just fine. We scheduled her for next Sunday.  We were both really glad she met our dogs before we actually booked her.  I have three other potential sitters I need to contact.  Hopefully I can do that this week.  Slowly, but surely we are getting what we need.

Weekends are actually much nicer now that we do not have to work around my parents.  I think all of us are able to relax a little better when we can do things at our own pace.  If my parents want to see him on the weekends, they are more than welcome to.  We have just stopped depending on them for weekend child care.

Our day care is having a Christmas party with a gift exchange.  (I love how they do all sorts of silly things!)  We have to buy a present for a 2.5 year old. Any suggestions?

Baby is waking!  Off to get the baby!

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Rose's Daughter said...

I was in denial when my milk started drying up. Until Pookah would fall right to sleep as soon as he got a bottle. That sealed it for me. I need my sleep.
Glad you got your babysitting situation all sorted out! that must be a huge load off!