Friday, August 14, 2009

Ah... the weekend is finally here!

It felt like it would never get here! At least I can rest a little. I am on call during the day on Sunday, and there is a reasonable chance I will get called in. (They seem to always need the Sunday call people, for some reason.) Obviously, I am hoping I am not needed. Keep your fingers crossed that I will get the chance to rest on Sunday!

Saturday my parents are coming down to go to a baseball game with us. I think it will be fun, and it will be good to see my parents again. I suspect they may stay overnight somewhere and explore the area some. Maybe. I do not know. Just a feeling I get. Sort of a spur of the moment trip, so I do not know all of their plans.

Tonight is our veg-out night. I do not have anything on my agenda this evening other than some quality couch time. I think I need it. Just trying to rest while I can.

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