Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The insomnia post....

Got up to pee at 3:30, and could not get back to sleep. I do not know if I was just too uncomfortable or too worried about stuff. Probably a bit of both. So instead of tossing and turning in bed, I got up and I am going to try to get it all out there.

Insurance. I know some of you will likely tell me try not to worry about this. I may be worrying unnecessarily. I think I need to call HR and ask a few questions. Here is the deal, just in case you forgot. My FMLA ends in January, which means that my benfits subsidized by my employer will end in January. As most of us know, COBRA rates are insane. Most of us are unable to afford them. I would like to try to manipulate the benefits I have with COBRA, to try to make it more affordable. And then pick up the full benefits when I start working again. I do not know if this is even possible. Also, I am unsure what happens to my position when FMLA runs out. Will I have to apply for my position again, or will they hold it for me until after my leave? Will they even let me come back as regular part time? Is this up to the manager of my department? Again, I think I need to call HR and ask a few questions. I may even need to contact my manager.

Child care. My parents are working on moving down here, but it will likely be about the time I go back to work before they finally move. My mother has to have a series of eye surgeries, and the last one will not be able to be done until January. She may not be free until right around the time of my due date. Which could work out well, depending on when baby comes. I also do not know where they are going to land. I suspect it will be somewhere convenient for child pick up and drop off, but you never know. They are debating renting somewhere close to us for the short term, which would be really nice. My mother really wants to help me recover. I would love to have her help, and I suspect that I may need her help!

Just a few very early morning musings. I think it does feel better to have it out there. And I have a record of the questions I want to ask. I think that is helpful!

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JamieD said...

I remember 4am to be my witching hour. I would find myself wide awake, staring at the ceiling and thinking of potential blog posts. Next thing I knew, I'd be on the computer.

It ~is~ hard not to think about things like insurance and child care and worry about them. They are too important not to think about!

It sounds like things could work out perfect with your mother. I hope it all falls into place!