Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby Stuff.

I finally started putting the nursery together! Hooray! Baby clothes and linens are making their way through the laundry. Our laundry process is fairly slow, so it can take about a week to get through it all. I finally painted my clouds on the nursery walls, and even put my One Fish, Two Fish wall decals up on the wall. I still need to hang Horton and finish one more cloud, but Hubby will not let me play with any of the big ladders, so he is going to have to finish those two things.

Hubby has an interesting reaction to the nursery coming together. The nursery now looks more like a nursery, and not just a room with baby furniture in it. I think it is all becoming more real to him. We are about a month away from full term, and that fact is just starting to sink in for him. We really are going to have a baby in the house in a little over a month. He is happy and freaked out all at the same time. I cannot say that I am doing much better, and I am the one carrying the baby!

I bought some flannel for baby blankets. I wanted blankets big enough to swaddle in. Receiving blankets are too small to swaddle anything in, and I will likely use them as burp cloths or rags of some sort. I just do not understand the purpose of the receiving blanket. The flannel I got for the blankets should make a blanket that is about 45"x 45". Way bigger than the 30"x30" receiving blanket. The blankets are easy to make and should turn out very cute! And they will be great for swaddling our little one!

I am working on hiring a cleaning service to come in and help. I really missed having a cleaning service this past year, and I know that it will be wonderful having someone come in and clean while the baby is new. I may even keep them around. After all, I am thinking of going back to work at some point. It will be one less thing to worry about.

My next OB appointment is Wednesday. I think it is just a check to see how I am doing. After Wednesday, I am every week until the baby is born. Somewhere in there, I think I get another ultrasound, too. Mainly to check baby's position and growth. Hopefully he will move into the right position at the right time. Keeping fingers crossed that will happen. I also need to get together with my doula again. I need to email her and see when she wants to meet.

Oh yeah, and there is Christmas decorating to do, too. Maybe next weekend. This weekend, I want to get the nursery done!


Yana Safran said...

Congrats on making progress on the nursery. That seems so far away for us still. The flannel for blankets seems like a good idea..

Expectant Duck said...

How exciting!I can not imagine waiting until 34 weeks to get it all together (of course with twins i think by 30 weeks I will have it all done and just waiting for them!).
Pictures please!

JamieD said...

A friend made me some receiving blankets that were bigger than normal ones. They were a life saver! I agree - the store bought receiving blankets are worthless for anything but a baby doll.