Thursday, December 10, 2009

OB appointment, and other stuff

My OB appointment went well. Things still seem to be on track. I had my group B strep swab and my first cervical exam. I had no idea how sensitive I was! I almost jumped off the table! My cervix is soft, and starting to efface, though I still have a way to go. (I am only 35 weeks, so there is time.) The OB felt at the base of my uterus, and she thinks the baby is head down. I hope so, too. I really want to avoid a c-section, if possible. My appointments are weekly from here on out, with a cervical check at each appointment. Hopefully things will continue to go well.

We finally got a person to come in and clean for us! I am sooooo excited! I have missed a housecleaning service, and I am really looking forward to having one. I think it will be essential for me, after the baby gets here. Our first cleaning is Sunday! Really looking forward to a clean house!

I finally did some Christmas shopping. Mostly for my family. I have been putting it off, and really did not feel like going out to do much. Most of my shopping lately has been for baby stuff, given that we will have a baby arriving in about a month. I did my Christmas shopping online this year. (Thank you e.baY!) So I should be getting all my gifts in the mail soon. I hope that they will arrive by the end of next week, so that I can wrap and mail soon after. I think if push comes to shove, I can meet my parents in Lexington and give them the gifts to take up to the Christmas celebrations. We will keep fingers crossed and see what happens.

The nursery is coming together. I know I need to upload some pics. Soon, I promise. I am in the middle of a nesting burst, so I have been organizing, purging, and pitching. I will probably run out of steam soon.


Rose's Daughter said...

ooooh I want a cleaning service!! I am soooo jealous!! And really, I can tell you now that it's a good idea to continue that service after the baby comes. I don't know what I'm going to do once my mother goes home!

JamieD said...

Ugh. I haven't started any Christmas shopping at all. I just recently realized I only have a couple of weeks left.

I think cleaning service would be a great Christmas gift for myself, though!!