Thursday, February 18, 2010

Because I have two hands...

I thought I would post really quickly while baby is napping.

The LLL meeting went well. It was great getting out and talking with other mothers. I realized that I am actually doing well with little AC. It was nice to have the support of a group, and great to have good role models for breastfeeding. Many of the women breastfeed their babies for over a year. I may have to try to go regularly, if nothing else for the interaction with other mothers.
It was also a great first outing with little AC, because I could breastfeed as needed. Children were everywhere, so my child was not the only one crying and fussing. A great place for AC to interact with other children and people.

I need to email the leader of the other mother's group I am interested in. I may try to make one of their meetings over the next month.

I think little AC liked getting out and about today, and I may have to get out more often with him. I do not know what to try tomorrow. Maybe I will try Target tomorrow morning. When my parents get back in town, I may try to go there for lunch next week. That may work better for my parents anyway. My mother has had retina surgery, and her vision will be off for a while. She may appreciate me driving.

I got to walk Gertrude today! I put little AC in his sleepy wrap, and off we went. I think Gertrude appreciated it, even if the walk was short because of the cold. AC gets cold really easily, and any cold air that gets to him make him upset. I wish the weather would warm up so we could take longer walks. I think it will do everyone good!


Queenie. . . said...

I totally agree on the weather. I'd like to get a little exercise, and am feeling housebound!

~Jess said...

YAY for getting out and having a walk! I try to do that as often as I can, which with this weather is near impossible. Glad the meeting went well.