Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All by Ourselves.

I finally got the birth story finished, but it posted strangely. You can find it here.

We have a week without parental help. My mother is off to have retina surgery in Charlottesville, and MIL has hurt her back and is unable to come down and visit. We were not expecting to be completely without help this week. I think both Wade and I are a little bummed that MIL is not able to come down. We were looking forward to having the help.

The snow and ice we are getting are not helping matters any. Not that I can drive yet, anyway, but it would be nice to get out if I wanted. Right now I feel like I am trapped by the snow and my recovery from surgery. I hate feeling so useless. I have to spend a lot of my time caring for the baby, I am unable to get other things done. I feel like I need help to do anything. Not to mention, I am very tired from being up in the middle of the night to do little AC's night feedings. He is in the middle of another growth spurt, so I have been nursing a lot! Hopefully a bath tonight will help him sleep better tonight. I need a night to recover and get better sleep!

I have to mention a baby carrier I started using recently. The Sleepy Wrap is easy to use and actually puts the baby to sleep when he is in it! I may start using it more often in the afternoons when I am not so tired and can walk around more. I highly recommend it. It really works!

Off to rest some more while the baby is sleeping!


Hope in Virginia said...

I'm intrigued by the sleepy wrap. Do you think it is better than other slings? Sounds like you are getting the hang of being a mommy - hopefully sleep will come shortly! I was in Roanoke this past weekend - had a baby shower scheduled for Saturday at 10am! Yuck. Had to move it forward to Friday night to avoid the terrible weather. So I know exactly what you guys are facing these days. Can't wait for spring.

~Jess said...

The sleep wrap looks a lot like my moby...that's the only sanity saver we have at our store...if it weren't for that I would never get any work done!

Jamie said...

I echo your feelings about feeling trapped by the snow and ice. I really didn't even have much to do, but it was the thought that I couldn't get out if I wanted to.

I hope you get some rest!!

writings of an infertile wannabe stepford wife said...

congratultions your so lucky, hopefully one day i may be as lucky as you. have a good night

Shinejil said...

Wearing baby is magic! I'm with everyone else: At first it was the only thing that was sure to comfort him (beside milk).