Friday, February 26, 2010

What happened?

I have my six week follow up on Monday! What happened? It seemed like yesterday I was coming home from the hospital. Now I only have a couple of weeks left of my leave! It feels like it flew by.

I am a little nervous about returning to work. I am returning part time, so I am only going back three days a week, hopefully for eight or ten hour shifts. I am nervous about leaving AC. I am leaving him with my mother, who loves him to pieces. He has also visited her often, so he is familiar with her. My mother also loves babies. But I am afraid that he will be awful. I am afraid he will cry the entire time, or my mother will be unable to keep up. I hope I am worrying unnecessarily. Hopefully he will do fine.

I need to find someone who can watch him for a few hours during the week so I can run errands or go to the gym, and hopefully serve as backup when my mother is not available. At least I have some time, but I should start asking around about that now. I get the feeling that it is difficult to find good drop in child care for an infant.


Rose's Daughter said...

Time flies! Finding good child care for an infant is HARD! This is one of the reasons I'm working nights for now. :(

Shinejil said...

AC will get used to things, after a while and your mom will work out a way to be with him.

I don't know if this is an option where you are, but the gym I go to (actually, the YMCA) has child care on site. You pay $25 and get unlimited child care (including newborns!) for a month.

~Jess said...

How has it already been 6 weeks?! I hope your appt went well. I'm sure your mom will be fine with AC :-)