Friday, March 5, 2010

I have not updated in a while...

But not much is going on.

I had an eye appointment yesterday, and I left the baby with my mother while I was at the appointment. Little dude cried almost the entire time. I felt bad for him, and bad for my mother. My mother is very committed to making the childcare arrangement work, but she is just beginning to see how much work it will be. I hope it gets easier on both of them I would like to find someone who can help her with childcare while I am at work, but it is difficult to find someone who will work in someone's home. I would hate it if my little dude cried the entire day while I was at work. They offered us a date night this weekend, and we may take them up on the offer. I hope he does better this time. We will see.

I feel awful that he cried the entire time I was at my appointment. He is very attached to me right now, and I think he knew that I was not there. I really hope it gets better for him. I think it was less stressful for him because he knows my mother, and she loves him to pieces. But it was still hard for him to be away from me, and hard on my mother as she could not calm him. I truly hope it gets easier to leave him.

Other than that, things seem to be going well with AC. He nurses well, and is starting to roll over
on his side. He will smile when he sees Hubby and me. He also smiled at the dog this morning. Too bad the dog could not smile back! He is sleeping better, and I am learning to function on slightly less sleep. Caffeine is a necessary part of my morning.

No major plans for the weekend, other than a date night. If the weather stays the same as it is today, it looks like we will have a nice weekend. Hopefully we will be able to take advantage of it.

Edit: Update to the update. I talked with my parents, and apparently there has been a miscommunication. I am not sure whether I heard wrong, or my mother was unclear, or if it was a bit of both. My mother has decided that she is not able to watch little AC right now. My mother recently had retina surgery, and in order for the recovery to go smoothly she has to be still and calm. She is really upset about not being able to watch the little dude. My parents are willing to do childcare on the weekends when my dad is able to help, but she cannot watch him for full days right now. Believe it or not, I am fine with this. I just wish I would have gotten the message earlier. I still have time to find someone, and hopefully I will. I have already looked at Craigs.list, and there look to be some possibilities there. Thank goodness my husband can do back ground checks easily!


Rose's Daughter said...

sorry thst your mom is not going to work out! :(. Hoprfully, Craigs List will help!

Jamie said...

Good luck on the child care search! My SIL is helping us out right now which is great but we're looking for something more permanent. It's so stressful!!

~Jess said...

I'm sorry your mom isn't going to be able to take care of AC.

A is still going through a mommy-thing of her parents watched her today so I could be in the store and she was hysterical on and off all day. I felt bad.

Kristin said...

Good luck finding a perfect childcare provider. Those early days when they learn to be without you are so HARD.

Hope in Virginia said...

Good luck with the search. It's cute to think that, even this early on, a baby knows and wants his mother!