Monday, March 8, 2010

Losing it.

Sigh. The time has come to deal with the leftover pregnancy weight. I broke down and signed up for Weight.watchers. It has been years since I have weighed this much, and none of my clothes fit. (I cannot admit the weight yet, I am just way too depressed by the number.) I have to go and buy jeans that fit because I am a good 40 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. It is so depressing to buy clothes when I am this heavy. At least I am starting to do something about it. And breastfeeding should help it come off easier. Small comfort, as I know it is going to be a lot of work to get that weight off. At least I have a treadmill and a fitness ball at home. I do not need to go anywhere to work out, which is really convenient.

My pursuit of childcare seems to be going well. There is one person I like, and I may just make an appointment to meet with her even though I have not started calling her references. She sent me a resume with references when I asked for more info. That is having it together! She is also five minutes from my work. Her work experience looks great, and her background check came out clear. I need to jump on it! I may call her this morning.

I also need to call my supervisor. I sent her two emails, and she has not responded to either one. I need to break down and call. I need to confirm a start date, and a few other things about me returning. It is frustrating that I have not gotten any sort of response. But she is a bit of a flake, so I cannot say I am very surprised.

The phone calls will likely be a challenge with the baby, but I will try. I need to make them at some point, and the sooner I make them, the better.


~Jess said...

Good luck with the weight and the phone calls...I've decided that both are really hard to deal with when a baby is crying.

Glad you found someone that may be the answer to daycare.

Jamie said...

Good luck with the weight loss. It is a struggle - the weight loss itself and the clothes issue. It was so depressing to go buy clothes that fit while having a closet full of clothes that DIDN'T fit. Give yourself time - you'll get there.

What great news about the childcare! I hope your meeting goes great.

Becky said...

good for you, i totally need to i'm almost 200 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck. I'm 5'10 but i'm still fat! I will admit my weight, but it still doesn't motivate me to eat good! I really, rallly need to get moving, exercise helps me tremendously. I was always too hungry on WW, so i would give up, but i know tons of people who love it, good luck, and i know buying the jeans is hard, but think how good you'll feel when they are too big!