Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think...

I think the interview went all right. It is hard for me to tell right now. There is a second part to the interview process where I have to teach a portion of the lecture. Hubby thinks I will do well with that, as I have taught before, and I have a general idea what I am doing when I teach. I have not scheduled this portion of it, yet. They also still have to check and make sure that they can get me benefits, and what that will entail for me. Hopefully I will hear from them in the next week or two. Hopefully.

I have not heard anything from my old job after I re-applied. I really hope this teaching job works out. I think there is another hospital hiring OR RNs in my area, should I get desperate. I just really do not want to work full time right now. But I am hopeful that I will get the teaching position. We will see.

I hate having things up in the air. I would much rather have things set at this point. It is making me a little nervous having everything uncertain.


Queenie. . . said...

Oh, how I hear you on this one! Good luck to you--I hope you get it.

Hope in Virginia said...

Hope it all works out perfectly!