Monday, January 24, 2011

Drive by posting.

Because of the bullets, of course...

I do not have the time or energy to do a more thoughtful post.
  • Very tired.  Mostly because of an unexpected trip to the plastic surgeon.  My incision from my scar revision is not healing as expected.  On the left side of the incision, my boob pulls on it.  I also pick up the baby on my left side.  There is a lot of tension on the skin over there, so the wound edges did not approximate as nicely as desired.  Not much to do now, except let it heal.  Hopefully it will have fewer twinges as it gets better.  One can only hope.  
  • Hubby and I joined WW online again.  For reals this time.  We are keeping each other on task.  Sort of.  So I spend a lot of time recording my food.  (OK, not tons of time, but it is different, and it can take a while sometimes.)  I gained weight my first week, but I put it down to water weight and PMS, as I got my period that next weekend.  (Let me have my illusions.  I do not want to lose my motivation so early.)  Hopefully this week will be better.  I actually stayed on track this week, and tried to let myself be a little hungry.
  • I invited my mother over for dinner tonight as I was on my own for dinner.  She provided dinner, helped me walk the dogs, and drove me crazy in the process.  She was only here an hour, but it is amazing how little time my mother needs to send me over the edge.  Not sure if it was helpful or a hindrance.  They enjoyed seeing the baby, and it was nice to have dinner prepared for me.  Maybe I should not have done that after a full day of work when I was exhausted...Hindsight is 20/20 or better.
  • I think I am getting more comfortable at my new OR job.  The people are nice, and the pace is a lot different.  This is my last week of orientation, and I think I am ready.  Hopefully any new surgeons will not pitch a fit over having me in their room.  I at least have seen most of them, which makes me feel more comfortable.
  • First test for my class is tomorrow.  We will see how they do.  The students are pretty funny.  They are all in the front row, or the very back row.  No one sits in the middle.  Weird.
  • Thank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow.
  • Hooray for red wine and sleeping babies!


~Jess said...

glad you're doing well: good luck with the ww.

andrea said...

i hope you start to feel better soon!
yay for red wine and sleeping babies indeed.

Jamie said...

Stick with the WW - the first week is always the most frustrating. The numbers will start dropping!

I second the motion for red wine and sleeping babies!!

Rose's Daughter said...

My main problem with WW is that I am sooo lazy when it comes to recording what I eat. I tend the guess a lot. NOT good! I'm trying to do better!
And I third agree about red wine and sleeping babies!!1