Sunday, January 2, 2011

A little advice...

We got home from our travels last night, and both of us were flat out exhausted.  I was so tired that I could barely see straight.  Two nights of crappy sleep will do that to you.  It was the trip from hell.  From this trip I have some advice for relatives who want us to travel to them with the baby.

1.  Provide some hospitality.  Basic stuff, like meals. Yes, we stayed in a hotel and breakfast was provided for us.  But we needed lunch and dinner.  Providing meals will make it easier to travel to you.  It makes us feel like you want us to visit.  It would also allow you to spend more time with the baby.  It is already hard enough to get out there to you.  It does not help that you have made no effort to come out to us.

2.  Try to have baby friendly foods in the house. It is easier for us, as our baby is not a picky eater.  But the baby needs to have more than just breast milk.  He is growing and he needs to eat.

3.  Please do not try to distract the baby as he eats.  He needs to eat.  He will be done soon and can spend time with you.  Chill out.

4.  If we tell you the baby has not gotten a nap that morning, and we put him down around 11:30, do not go in if you hear him after an hour.  He is fine, and will likely go back to sleep.  Come to one of us before you get him up.  He will be much more pleasant and easy to deal with if he gets enough sleep.  I don't care how much you want to spend time with him.  If you want quality time with him, let him sleep a little longer.

5.  Baby often gets overwhelmed in loud situations.  I know you are a loud family, but please try not to freak my child out.  He is not used to you, and he will be better for you if you are shouting in his face.

6.  Baby has spent a lot of time in the car seat.  He does not need to drive all over the county to visit the family.  Pick one spot and have family come to him.  He needs to move and wear himself out as much as possible.

Both Hubby, Little Dude, and I were very, very happy to get home last night.  Everyone got sleep, and everyone got fed in the morning.  Today was very nice, as we had three meals, and baby had two naps.  Baby was much better today because he got enough food and rest. 

I think my resolution for 2011 will be to not travel.  I do not think I could take the extra stress.

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~Jess said...

Oh my! Seriously?! MealS?! That's ridiculous that no one had meals for you guys or food: Don't they eat?! I mean come on!

Wow! I'm glad you guys got home all right.