Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do not let me do that again!

I over indulged Saturday night.  Really over-did it.

And sometime on Saturday I one of us picked up a GI bug, and it spread through the entire house.

At first I thought I was hung over.  I was up a 4 AM throwing up.  Not fun.  Then Sunday I felt worse.  Hangover is one thing, and is usually fairly tolerable, but this was something else altogether.  I slept a good part of the day Sunday, and took off work on Monday and Tuesday.  A good amount of that time was spent with baby at daycare or with the grandparents, while I had some quality time in bed. 

I could not eat for two days.  I could finally keep stuff down Tuesday afternoon.

The alcohol was great.  I have not been that drunk in a while.  And now I remember why.  I do not think I want to drink that much again.  Having the GI bug on top of that just made the whole thing worse.

I have a post or two rattling around in my brain, but no time to get them out.  Soon, I hope.  Before I forget them.

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