Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sleep, again

So many of us write on sleep. Sleep deprivation does seem to be an issue.

We actually got sleep last night. Amazing, but true. Little Guy did not need Mommy once last night. I hope I have figured it out. I think he needs water. I started putting him down with a sippy of water, and he seems to like that. I put two sippy cups in his crib last night, and he let us sleep all night.

I think I forgot what 8 hours of consecutive sleep felt like.


Jamie said...

Eight consecutive hours of sleep?!?! I bet you felt as if you'd slept a week.

kate said...

Ah. You're giving me hope! We are in the midst of serious sleep issues with no idea what to do. I'm reading this, and imagining some point in the future when they both sleep through (or at least sleep longer than a three-hour stretch...), and feeling renewed at the thought. Sigh.

Yay for AC! Way to go!

~Jess said...

holy cow! That's awesome! I hadn't thought of that before....we might just have to try that.