Friday, April 15, 2011

No go.

I wanted to do a post on how cool it is that two years ago around this time, I had the retrieval which led to Little Guy.  I think he was the best birthday present one could wish for.

But it appears that I will not be able to have much "me" time this birthday.  Our weekend is rather busy, and all I wanted was to go out to dinner Saturday night.  Unfortunately, all of our sitters are busy on Saturday, and my parents are out of town.  Which means no date night for us.  Plan B is taking Little Guy to the Transportation Museum then take out from somewhere and a movie after Little Guy goes to bed.  (I am thinking Toy Story 3 from Net.flicks.)

I may try one more person, but I am not holding out a lot of hope for that to work out.  But it is worth a shot anyway.

That makes me feel really bummed out.  The one thing I wanted to be able to do for my birthday, and it is just not possible.


Update:  Tonight worked out for a date night!  I am going to take it, especially if that is all I can get!

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Hope in Virginia said...

Glad you get a date in! Have you tried the Blue Apron yet in Salem? We are going tomorrow. I hear it's great.