Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Touchy-feely Tuesday

I got a morning with the baby today.  I sort of enjoyed it, so far.  My mother, who is still sick, decided to try taking him after lunch.  Today I only teach in the afternoon, so she only needs to watch him a couple of hours.  I think he will be a daycare on Thursday, though.

I tried taking the baby with me to Tar.get today.  I think it was the fastest Tar.get trip I have ever had.  He had no patience with being carried or wheeled around the store.  He wanted to push the cart and wander up and down the aisles.  Forget about going down the toy aisle.  He kept wanting to take everything off the shelves and play with it.  Sigh.  So much for that.  On the bright side, he went right down for a nap as soon as I got home.  Really not looking forward to that morning nap disappearing.

When I got home from the store, our Dane Gertrude was not on the couch.  I found her under the bed, and eventually discovered she was tangled in the cords from our lamps and clocks.  She came out after I untangled her, so I know she is not hurt.  It was a little distressing when she was whining, and would not come out from under the bed.   Not to worry, she is back to holding down the couch, so all is well.

My body is going crazy.  I have been spotting since Saturday.  It is about to drive me nuts.  I just wish it would stop or turn into full flow.  Make a decision, already!  This spotting crap is not fun.

Have not POAS yet.  I am giving it into next week.  Hopefully it will do something before then, and I will know something without seeing that negative pregnancy test.  Because I know that it is going to be negative.

Decided to take a break from WW this week.  It is my birthday week.  My birthday is Sunday, and I deserve to do something to celebrate it this week.   This way I do not have to count the birthday cake or birthday dinner.  Though I made the mistake of getting on the scale today.  I gained a few pounds, though I am guessing it is because I have not been drinking enough water.  Really need to work on that.

Had my eval at work yesterday.  Actually went well.  I seem to be doing everything well, or better than well.  I also had to set goals for the next year.  I decided that orienting to periphery (admitting and discharging patients) and PACU (recovering patients after surgery) would be good goals.  This job seems to be very similar to my first OR position, where I had to do everything from preop, to PACU.  At least I will not be bored.  I just hope I end up in OR or PACU most of the time.  Though periphery usually needs the most help.

Off to make the most of the nap time.  Gotta clean the kitchen and set up pork chops or dinner.

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~Jess said...

You're one busy momma!
I didn't like when the morning nap disappeared. Glad that Gertrude is ok.