Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Touchy-feely Tuesday: Actually done on a Tuesday!

Only because I think the entire family is sick.  My mother is so sick, she needed to just take a couple weeks to recover.  So baby is in day care today, and I get a quiet morning.  It is lovely to have time alone in the house without the baby.  I do not get that very often.

Baby is still waking several times a night, and only mommy will do, apparently.  I guess that is what he is used to, but it is really rough on me.  He is waking about three times per night, and I have to go to him every time.  We tried letting him cry, but that does not seem to work all the time.  He only gets more wound up.

I think I am starting to get a little depressed with how sleep-deprived I am.  I hope that working out will help to counter-act some of that.  I know that my thought processes have sucked lately, but there is not much I can do.  He is teething, and apparently in a fussy period after a mental leap.  Perfect conditions for sucky sleep, apparently.  I am trying to ride it out, but it is not easy. Really hoping that this passes soon, and everyone can get better sleep.

Still have a mild cold.  It just will not go away.  I hope that it passes soon, too.  I suspect the sleep deprivation is not helping.  It would be nice to feel better by my birthday later this month.  Unfortunately, the sleep deprivation and mild cold are starting to feel like my new normal.  Not really liking it, to be honest.

I have started taking vitamins.  I got a women's multivitamin, and I am taking vitamin C.  Decided not to do the zinc, though.  Just did not have the energy to track down any.  If it is not easily seen in my regular stores, at this point I say forget it.  I did decide to try a B complex vitamin.  It could not hurt, anyway.  No sense of any difference, but I did start a couple of days ago.  Hopefully I will notice a difference over a longer period of time.

I have my cardiologist appointment this afternoon.  It is scheduled for after my class.  I may cut my class a few minutes short, so that I can get there on time.  We will see.  I will report later on what he says, but I doubt it will be anything earth shaking.  I just really do not think there is much they will do for random incidents of SVT.  But I bet I get a 12 lead EKG today.  I also bet it shows a normal sinus rhythm.  Maybe slightly tachycardic.

So excited about DVR.  We (read I) started taping Dancing with the Stars.  I sort of enjoy watching it, and Hubby does not mind too much, as there are scantily clad females of all different body types.  (He is an equal opportunity type of guy.)  The nice thing is that I can actually watch the entire thing, not just pieces here and there.  It is also light enough for me during the week, and it is fairly entertaining.  I have not finished watching last night's episode.  I plan on finishing that up tonight.  I will probably do the results show tomorrow.

Off to the gym, and then to walk the dogs before I leave for school.  Hopefully working out will give me the energy to get through the day.

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Jamie said...

It makes me sick for you to think of how much you are doing on so little sleep, when you're under the weather to begin with. Sleep - uninterrupted sleep - so precious. I hope Baby gets with the program soon. Keep up with the gym - I know how good it makes me feel on my bad days.

DVR is wonderful! I find myself DVR'ing all sorts of things just for the novelty of it. I haven't watched a commercial in years.