Saturday, April 2, 2011

Working out

I need to work some things out, so this may ramble a little.

This past couple of weeks I have not been able to get to the gym, I have not been able to walk the dogs as often as I wanted.  Both of these activities are stress relievers and help keep me from going crazy, so they ought to be made a priority.

Part of the problem was all the damn appointments I had to get to.  Plastic surgeon, eye doctor, PCP, hairdresser.  I have more coming up in April, but they are spaced out a little better.  I only have one in any given week.  Those appointments took up my free time.  I think I can really only make one appointment per week without losing my mind.

Another part of the problem is I feel like I have been constantly sick since about the middle of February.  That is really getting me down.  I have a mild cold right now, which is only marginally better than the cold from hell I had a few weeks ago.  Then my period gets thrown in there every few weeks. Just to make me feel even more miserable.  It seems like I get a few days of feeling normal and well, and then I get sick again.  Or I get my period.  I am really tired of it.  I just want to feel well for while.  Apparently that is too much to ask right now.

And then there is the sleep deprivation.  Little guy's sleep has been all over the board.  Most nights waking twice, a few nights waking once, and a couple of really bad nights waking every three hours.  (Though there was that one glorious night where he did not wake up once.  Really hoping for a repeat of that sometime soon.)  And then he is awake and ready to go at about 6 AM every morning.  Which means that I am up at 5 AM or 6 AM every day.  I think I need a regular day to sleep in.  I am thinking Sunday.  I just want one day to stay in bed past 6 AM, even if it is only until 7 AM.

To walk the dogs, I think I need a better carrier.  While I like my becco, lately I have not been as coordinated as I need to be to get it on and then get him on my back.  I am thinking of getting a different carrier, one that I can pop him in and go.  Like the kokopax, or this chicco carrier.  I think I like to kokopax design a little better, as it looks a little cuter. 

I may try walking the dogs in the morning.  I have a bit more time in the morning, and it seems more do-able then.  In the afternoon and early evenings there is a lot of baby and human care to do. Dog walking is not getting done in the afternoons.  Hopefully mornings will be better.   We will try it and see.

I need to work out more often.  I think I need to go every day I can.  Which has not been possible at all the past two weeks.  Most weeks I have free time Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and usually Sunday.  It means running over consecutive days, but if that is the only time I have, then that is when I have to do it.  Because I need to do it!  I need to either work out at the gym or on the treadmill at home.  One or the other.

It may also be time to start taking some sort of vitamin.  I cannot hurt, and hopefully will help.  Apparently I need an immune defense supplement, because I seem to get sick a lot.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.  At this point, I am thinking a multivitamin, along with vitamin C and zinc.  I know that vitamin c and zinc can help the immune system function.

So here are the three goals I have for the week.
  1. Work out on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  2. Walk dogs in the morning Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  3. Start taking vitamins:  multivitamin, vitamin C and zinc.
Three goals are enough, I think.  I think they are also easily measurable and achievable.  Hopefully if I can work out more often I will have more energy and generally feel better.  Walking the dogs more often will make them happier and more laid back.  It will probably help me de-stress, too.  I think it is worth a try.

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~Jess said...

Having a list of goals is a big help! Hopefully you'll be feeling well enough to keep at it soon!