Sunday, December 7, 2008

One more week...

And then hopefully we will know something.

I did not realize that Hubby was tense about all of this. We went to a party last night and left early for several reasons. Only one of which was because Hubby was not feeling good. He just wanted to come home and take some aspirin and lie on the couch. He said he was achy and sore. He also apparently has been grinding his teeth at night. I think we are both a little tense as we are waiting. I think I have enough to distract myself this week that I can make it through to Sunday without testing. I work some longer shifts this week, so that should keep me occupied. Until then, I am still dealing with the full and sensitive tits and a bloated belly. Maybe I should start taking those prenatal vitamins, just to hedge my bets.

Hubby moved most of his stuff to his new office yesterday. I think I am helping him stuff envelopes next weekend to contact all his clients with his new contact info. He says he has about 50 letters to send out. I thought he should include his new business card with the letter. Hopefully he will get some printed up this week.

Hubby is sharing the new office with another lawyer. It is really scary how absentminded both of them are. They have not hashed out details like sharing the secretary. I suspect the secretary will end up doing some things for Hubby. I was commenting on my way home that I do not have the patience to work with absent-minded people. We have one older surgeon in our OR who is a little absent-minded, and it is a group effort to keep him on track. It frustrates everyone in the room.

Speaking of surgeons, I am the chosen one for one surgeon at my hospital. Apparently he is extremely picky about who is in his room, and apparently I made the cut. The other RNs who work with him regularly are leaving, or have taken other positions in the OR and are unable to circulate in his room. It actually will be nice to be with the same surgeon all the time. I feel like I have been shuffled around a lot. As soon as I learn how to work with one surgeon, they take me out of their room and put me in someone else's room. It is enough to make me tear my hair out. I think I have a lot to learn, though. I do not know a lot about colo-rectal surgery. I think I may be looking in Alexander's big book o'surgery tonight. I may also review colostomies. Sigh. I would have to end up in the poopy room.

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