Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost through the week.

And I feel all right. Not working 12 hour shifts makes a huge difference! I am tired, but I think it is because my sleep has been horrible the past few nights. I think my tits are getting too big, and they are pulling on my back. I think this is waking me up because my back really hurts in the morning!

Not much going on this week, really. I am still here, and apparently still pregnant. I think Hubby was concerned because I had not updated recently. The other day, he mentioned that I had not updated in a while, and that I needed to do another blog post.

It ain't much, but I finally updated. I will do more this weekend. Really.

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Shinejil said...

12 hour shifts? Man, how did you do it?

Right around 14-15 weeks, I started sleeping even more poorly than I had been before. What helped me was swimming and yoga. I say this, not because I think you should swim or do yoga, but to suggest that relief may be out there. My midwife also suggested catnip tincture or Benadryl, which is a class B drug.

I hope you start getting better sleep! It really messes with you.