Sunday, July 19, 2009

The start of another week.

Thank goodness I am done with 12 hour shifts and night shifts! I do not have any scheduled this block! I do have a bunch of evening shifts, but that is all right. They are only eight hours, and I can sleep in on the days I work them! I have a week full of evening shifts this week, and I am a little depressed I will not be seeing much of the hubby this week, thanks to my schedule. But at least I will be sleeping with him every night. That means a lot to us. And it is only a week. The rest of the block I am back on days, with only the odd evening shift. It was the compromise I made to get me off of 12 hour shifts and night shifts. The best part is that I am not on call at all!

Sleep is becoming elusive lately. Between going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and waking up too warm in the early hours of the morning, and the back pain, I feel like my sleep has been horrible. Lots of tossing and turning. I may try some things to help, but I miss my good sleep. I started wearing a sports bra to bed, and placing a pillow between my knees to prevent strain on my back. Helps some, but not a lot. Maybe I should just break down and buy a body pillow.

I cannot believe I am 14 weeks already. My maternity clothes are fitting better, because the belly is getting bigger. I went shopping with Hubby yesterday, and he told me that I am starting to look more pregnant. I guess that is a good thing. I realized that I will really be showing by the time we finally take our beach vacation at the end of September. Hubby just loves the fact that I look pregnant. I think he is fascinated by all the changes in my body. Though his favorite thing is still the growing tits. They seem to get bigger every few weeks.

Will try to post more this week. Hopefully I will have the time.


~Jess said...

I'm glad you've got a lighter work load. I recommend getting a body pillow. I've had one that I've used on and off over the past 10 years, I really like it keeps everything supported and comfy.

Hope in Virginia said...

So much fun that you are "looking" pregnant now. And you must feel so much relief being past the first trimester. Keep up the good work ;)

Megs said...

Yay for the lightened schedule at work :) It's always nice to be able to sleep with the hubs! I am already starting to notice that my back is hurting when I wake up in the mornings...of course, that could be because of my bedhog Great Dane. I just can't seem to kick him out of

Also...yay for "looking" pregnant! I can't wait for that time!

Katie said...

Thanks so much for your comment!!!

annacyclopedia said...

So far I've avoided getting a body pillow just cause I'm cheap, but I'm gradually hogging more and more of the pillows - Manny is down to 1 while I have 3 or 4! I don't know if you will be the same way, but my sleep got better once I got a few weeks into the second trimester - it just felt like I settled down and was more able to sleep. I also load up on water earlier in the day and try not to drink too close to bed to minimize the getting up in the night. Plus (if I may brag a little) I have a bladder of iron, which helps a great deal, I think.

Yay for looking more and more pregnant. My hubby is mostly interested in the boobs, too - his quotable phrase is "That's a solid unit!" while hefting a boob or two.