Monday, July 6, 2009


I managed to survive the weekend. The 4th of July night shift was pretty rough. I was looking pretty awful by the end. The cases came steadily throughout the night. Mostly motor vehicle accidents from other hospitals. Mostly ortho. Sort of sucked. But I made it. I even made it in to work today, and I was scheduled to an early start room. Fun. The people who made the assignments have no sympathy. I suspect the place is run by idiots, but that is just me.

Not much else happened this weekend. It was really nice to spend Friday with the Hubby, and I rested most of Saturday. And of course, I slept a good part of the day on Sunday. My schedule the rest of the week is either 12 hours or 8 hours. But I do get a three day weekend next weekend. That should be nice.

Pregnancy stuff is same old, same old. Just still really tired. Sometimes I am queasy, but it goes away if I eat something. Which is helpful. Nothing really new, though. Same stuff. Though I am almost out of the first trimester. I will be 13 weeks on Thursday, so I am almost there! Soon!


Hope in Virginia said...

Yay for 13 weeks on Thursday! What a terrific milestone!

Lorza said...

I am glad you made it through you 4th of July night. What fun it is, huh? I can't believe you are almost 13 weeks! WOW!!! YIPPPPEEE!!! Hope you have a great week. MIL left today, so I am getting caught up on my 38 new posts to read and comment on. Phew.

(I read Murgdan's blog about people that don't have their blog on their profile can't b/c I have another blogger page that my IRL/ILs/etc. can't only put one on your profile. Hence- I have none. :)

Megs said...

Yay for 13 weeks!!! So excited for you!! :) Ahh!!

~Jess said...

How awesome is that?! 13 weeks already! WOOHOO!