Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another doctor appointment tomorrow.

Actually, two appointments. I have my repeat echo first thing in the morning, than I have an appointment with my OB later that morning.

I hope the echo comes back fine. I suspect it will, but you never know until it done.

I think I am more worried about the OB appointment. The beta blocker did help my heart rate some. It now only goes to 112-115 with activity, rather than the 12o-140 it was before. Definitely an improvement. I am a little worried she might increase it. I would rather stay at the lowest dose and stay off work. As long as I do not move too fast, and can sit or lie down when I have to, I am fine. I think I am at the point where I would rather be off work than have to return to work. Things at work were bad before I left, and I suspect they have only gotten worse with the implementation of the computer documentation system.

Hubby is worried that I will get bored after a while if I sit at home. He may be right, but I can look for jobs, go to La Leche League meetings, clean house at my own pace, and so stuff to decorate the nursery. (Just as soon as Hubby puts the furniture together.) There is also all the holiday stuff to do. There is Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, and lots of stuff to do for those holidays! I may not be all that idle!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck today sweetie! I hope everything turns out okay- but I could totally understand wanting to stay at home. :)