Monday, November 2, 2009

Cardiologist visit.

Well, today was my cardiologist appointment. The lowest my heart was in his office was 97, when I was lying down for the 12 lead EKG. It was about 108 when I was sitting up. The 12 lead EKG looked fine. A normal heart beat, just fast. The doctor felt like the heart rate was a faster than he would like. He decided to re-check my bloodwork, just to make sure that I am not anemic. He also wants to re-do the echocardiogram, just to be sure that there is no disease process going on. He also wanted to start me on a beta blocker to try to slow the heart rate. He checked with my OB before prescribing the medication just to make sure that it was all right. I walked out of the office with a presciption for metoprolol.

I took one dose, and I can actually walk around the house without shortness of breath and my heart racing. I tried taking my pulse, just to see what was going on, and my heart seemed confused. (I take my pulse with the doppler on my wrist, BTW. A little weird, but it works.) It ranged from 90s to 105. Not too bad, and definitely better than what it was! I think I am able to feel the heart rate going up and down. Sometimes I am fine, other times, I can feel my heart rate increasing and I get slightly short of breath. I was glad that I was able to clean our bathrooms and clean the kitchen without extreme shortness of breath. But I have only had one dose. We will see how I fare over time. Hopefully my heart rate will settle soon.


JamieD said...

I hope the metoprolol helps - it sounds like it is already trying to make a difference.

Will you follow up with the cardiologist?

~Jess said...

I'm so glad the doctor was able to help you! And that you're responding to the meds.

Anonymous said...

A loved metoprolol when I was on it. :) It also helps with mood swings- believe it or not! :) I hope that it really helps you, and you feel better soon. Don't be surprised if you are little tire from the med while your body gets used t it. :)