Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tonight and tomorrow a lot of things seem to be happening. I get to meet with my doula tonight. I am very excited about that. Tomorrow I have another ultrasound, and Hubby actually gets to go with me. I also take my car in to be fixed tomorrow. It has been stalling out at odd moments. I am hoping that all it needs is a tuneup or something else sort of minor. Hubby wants to take me out to dinner tomorrow, too. I think if I rest most of the afternoon I will be fine to go out to eat. We will see.

Will try to post more tomorrow or Thursday. Most likely Thursday.


Anonymous said...

yeah! sounds like you are going to have some excitement coming up! :) good luck with the car- I had a bunch of issues a while back and had a bunch of work done...then last week I went to run some errands and the battery died. AAA came out and replaced it and all was good again.
Crazy huh? just make sure they check the flippin' battery!!

~Jess said...

Sounds like some fun! I hope that your u/s went well. Hopefully it's nothing major with your car.

Enjoy your date!