Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday.


There are times when I hate Mondays.  It just felt like the entire day was a bit off.

It was not a bad day, overall.  Just off.

Spent my work day learning how to circulate cataract surgery.  I had a nice surgeon who was great to work with.  It probably helped that I had a little bit of a clue.  I think I sort of got complimented on my circulating abilities by a scrub tech.  She said that she rarely has to ask for stuff with me, that I just offer it to her.  (It helps that I know how to scrub and circulate, so I can see where we are in the procedure and look at her table, and see what she needs.)

I got of work a little early, and got to get caught up with reading blogs, and then walked the dogs before I went to pick up the baby.

Baby got to sleep before 7 PM this evening, as we suspect that day care wears the little guy out.  Then Hubby and I had dinner.

But there were two underlying situations that I was dealing with today. 

My foot is killing me.  I hit it on a chair last week, and it has not been the same since.  I still have a small bruise, and a lump over a couple of my toes.  Basically, I worked on my feet all day in pain.  I think that would bring anyone down. 

The other thing hanging over my head is the fact that we start marriage counseling tonight.  For some reason, I am sort of nervous, and I sort of feel like a failure.  Logically, I know that this is not a failure, and likely a sign that we have a healthy relationship if both of us are willing to do counseling to try to fix what is wrong.  But I still feel like a failure that I cannot fix what is wrong in the relationship.  I guess that is the nurse/fixer in me.

I know I will get through the counseling session tonight.  And tomorrow I will make an appointment to get my poor foot looked at. 

I hate Mondays.


Queenie. . . said...

Hope it went well. Try to see it as a sign of strength that you're willing to accept help, and not a sign of weakness that you need it. Every marriage goes through tough spots, and a lot of people would fix things more quickly if they were open to help. Give yourself credit for being open to it!

~Jess said...

I hope your foot is feeling better soon! And that counseling went well tonight :-)